How To Ship A Canvas Painting Usps

How To Ship A Canvas Painting Usps. Make sure there is enough space to turn the painting end over end in any direction. Place the wrapped and taped paint box inside the plastic container with a screw top.

Original Clipper Ship Painting Seascape Signed Small Oil on Board from

Bulkier, heavier packages are what ups specializes in, and they lead the market. What size is the box the painting is packed in? To ship paint, you must use proper packaging and follow other postal service regulations.

(You Can Use Round Or Triangular Ones, Like What’s Shown Above.) Seal All The Seams And Both Ends With Packing Tape.

Select an appropriate shipping container. Of course the free boxes can only be used for the priority shipping. It is a tight fit so the canvas is secure.

If I'm Shipping To A Friend I Would Take The Canvas Off The Wood Frame, Roll It Up.

Depending on who you send it to also depends. The box must be sealed tightly and able to prevent the paint from leaking if it accidentally opens during shipping. Since a canvas is a delicate item, you’ll want to take all the necessary steps to.

We Carry Boxes In A Variety Of Sizes And All The Necessary Supplies.

I suggest first wrapping the canvas in plastic wrap and then in bubble wrap (always bubble side out, not next to the canvas). Take the time and clear a clean, open workspace. You want to place this bubble wrap at the bottom and the top of the box so that the canvas does not get bumped in.

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$32.95 online price to zone 8 priority mail, but only $6.95 online price priority mail to zone 1. The boxes come in a couple of sizes that are rectangular. How to ship a canvas or painting save money with shipping software.

It Is Important To Protect The Front And The Back Of The Canvas.

After all, there is no going back when your painting is torn apart, so it is much better to turn for help to a professional art shipping company. If you can still sense movement, then you’d want to stuff even more packing peanuts in to make everything stable. Send mail & packages convenient domestic shipping.

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