How To Move A Gun Safe Easily

How To Move A Gun Safe Easily. Empty out the gun safe before the move. Close the door of the safe and lock it in place.

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In this job we will move a 1,200 pound #gunsafe from one store to another.we removed all the shelving. Helpers should be wearing gloves for this part. Make sure you also have supporting straps and thick moving blankets.

Buying A Safe Online, Moving, Or Inheriting A Safe From A Friend Or Family Member, You May Need To Find A Way To Ship A Gun Safe.

Slide the dolly underneath the safe so that the weight is properly balanced on. Tighten the straps or ropes as far as they will go to eliminate any movement of the huge load. This breaks the lock, and allows them to gain access.

One Step At A Time.

At 3 men movers, we can move empty safes that weigh up to 600 pounds. Close the door of the safe and lock it in place. Do this particular task with great caution;

Wrap The Entire Body Of The Safe.

Remember you need enough traction when moving the gun safe to avoid slipping. This secures the safe to the dolly and helps minimize any movement. Start at the top of the stairs with one person holding onto the handles of the dolly.

Once The Safe Is Secured To The Dolly And Everyone Is Ready, Allow For Two People To Guide The Safe To The Bottom Of The Dolly As You Slowly Move It Down The Stairs One Step At A Time.

This is not your average shipment. Gun safe a lot easier. You should always use a dolly (ones made for stairs are the best) for facilitating the transport of the gun safe, as well as some type of mechanism to secure the gun safe to the dolly such as a ratchet strap or rope.

Once The Entire Unit Comes To Rest Upon The Wheeled Equipment, Tilt Back The Dolly So That The Extreme Weight Is Distributed Evenly Onto The Rubber Wheels.

To prevent the dolly from slipping during the process, hold the handle firmly. Large safes, often gun safes, are common household items. What happens is they drill through the lock face and into the locking mechanism that is on the other side of the door steel.

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