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A Perfect Getaway Movie Review. Steve zahn especially is terrific as cliff. As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to.

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Movie review | 'a perfect getaway' homicidal maniacs also like hawaii. The movie is not completely predictable, and will have even the biggest of movie buffs guessing. The two main couples are cliff and cydney, honeymooners in hawaii, and nick and gina, hikers.

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Check out the exclusive tvguide.com movie review and see our movie rating for a perfect getaway. Take the case of cliff and cydney. A perfect getaway isn't perfect, but timothy olyphant makes it entertaining.

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The performances in a perfect getaway are terrific, especially since no character is exactly who you think they are at the outset. The movie is about a relentless killer, but it does also portray stalwart fortitude and true love between an affectionate, commited couple (albeit not in the way you'd expect). A perfect getaway is, in its own delightfully silly and manipulative way, one of the most effective paranoid thrillers of the new millennium.

The Movie Makes For A Fun Night Out.

A perfect getaway is a film that coyly thrills while winking both at itself, its genre,. David twohy | release date: A perfect getaway is a 2009 american thriller film written and directed by david twohy and starring timothy olyphant, milla jovovich, kiele sanchez, and steve zahn.olyphant, jovovich, sanchez, and zahn portray a group of vacationing couples in hawaii who find their lives in danger when murders begin to occur on the island, leading to suspicions over one of the couples being.

A Perfect Getaway Arrives In Theaters At A Fortuitous Time.

Two pairs of lovers on a hawaiian vacation discover that psychopaths are stalking and murdering tourists on the islands. Some grisly thriller violence, including graphic stabbings and shootings, plus fistfights, bloody wounds, and extreme moments like the mutilation of murder. It is simple, interesting, effective, and unobtrusive complimented by solid performances from more than capable actors, and, for once, follows the textbook section of the thriller manual that shows you how to create an environment and.

That Doesn't Make It A Great Movie By A Long Shot.

For that, the movie does have some much needed originality in a thriller genre that is not always so entertaining. If the setup for a perfect getaway seems to. They meet on a difficult wilderness trail on the beautiful island of kauai.