Legal Issues with Online Pokies in New Zealand

February 14th, 2017
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Online gambling is popular in all corners of the world, and New Zealand is not an exception. The good news is that despite the strict legal stand against gambling, participating in casino games online is not illegal.

The goal of the prohibition law is not limit personal freedom but rather control the growth of gambling in the country, prevent crimes that often come hand in hand with it and ensure that the money from gambling profits the community as a whole.

NZ Gambling Law Explained

The New Zealandian law that prohibits gambling focuses on illegal brick-and-mortar casinos and back room gambling shops. Although it might be confusing at first, the law only prohibits any gambling or bookmaking that is not authorized by law within the New Zealand borders. Any doubts are resolved by the Gambling Act 2003 which clarifies that gambling is not a crime if conducted by an operator that is based outside of New Zealand. and players could play real money online pokies. Given that most of the best Online Pokies providers and platforms are based in Europe and North America, the legal status of online gambling stays almost unaffected.

What About Taxes?

New Zealand’s tax authority Inland Revenue refers to gambling on quite a few occasions, yet there are very few cases when players actually need to pay a tax on their winnings. The majority of people assumes that the lack of taxation is because service providers such as online pokies owners or lottery organizers have already been taxed. However, that is not the case in New Zealand. The government considers gambling a free-time activity rather than income. The exception to the rule might be professional online players who have transformed gambling into a regular source of income. This is a huge plus for gamblers from New Zealand as most countries impose a weighty tax after gambling winnings cross a certain annual threshold.

What About Protection Against Fraud?

Gambling in a casino located outside of New Zealand means that in case a fraud or any other suspicious practices, you will be subject to the legal system of the country where the online casino is based, not in New Zealand. Make sure you select platforms that are accredited by respected gambling authorities.

Is it Worth Trying?

If you enjoy an occasional game of pokies click to visit, online gambling is a perfect solution as it allows you to enjoy the game from the comfort of your home. Also, many of the microgames do not require significant amounts of investment. Thus you can enjoy a little bit of gamble while not losing that much money. Moreover, many pokies offer welcome packages to get you started, money-free games to help you practice, as well as bonuses, raffles and promotions a daily, weekly or a monthly basis.

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